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Granville Farms Barn Wedding Venue

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Granville Farms is a sweet pine tree farm turned Central Florida wedding venue. Featuring pretty landscapes and the refreshing fragrance of the outdoors, were near to the pulsing heart of Florida nevertheless moreover a tranquil and transformative destination perfect for making memories. Weve built our pretty barn as a rustic-chic way of being ideal for special occasions. Surrounded by the beauty of flora and fauna and unique gathering areas inspired by nature, Granville Farms is an exquisite and wonderful place for weddings and wedding receptions.

Where Rustic Meets Elegance

Our elegant, rustic aesthetic and deep connection to nature make our venue ideal for couples who seek to escape the bustle of city life and cherish their wedding in harmony and peace.

Granville Farms Wedding Venue

We recognize in capturing the essence of natural wonders and rustic comforts. As a Central Florida wedding venue, were in flames to host ceremonies in our newly built barn, which captures the draw of outmoded Florida farmland even though offering luxurious amenities. We have moreover crafted elegant outside spaces that immerse happy couples and their loved ones into flora and fauna adulation Grandpa Moodys passion for roomy air and memory-making.

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Our elegant, rustic aesthetic and deep association to flora and fauna make our venue ideal for couples who goal to escape the commotion of city spirit and cherish their wedding in pact and peace.

Granville Farms Barn Wedding Venue Orlando FL

We present unique furniture and gorgeously rustic decor, including whisky-barrel cocktail hour setups, sweet wooden cake tables, and a fond admission for a gorgeously bejeweled barn. Whitewashed and natural wood finishes, gentle illumination, and conventional barn elements allow a startling backdrop for photographs, videos, and what will become your favorite memories.

We moreover usual every who goal a transformative, homey atmosphere for their event. Were positive to present our newly-built barn, catering kitchen, startling outside spaces, and breathtaking views to you and your guests.

Our venue is an unparalleled fusion of natural beauty, ethereal experiences, and magical moments every intended to make your special hours of daylight as perfect as possible.

Reach out to inquire about your celebration and how Granville Farms can bring your most wonderful dreams to life.

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